Lakeside Legacy Arts Park – 2021 Everything Need to know

Lakeside Legacy Arts Park - 2021 Everything Need to know

The Lakeside Legacy Arts Parks is situated next to the Crystal Lake waterfront, spread across 12-acres and meant for artists. This is a place for artists of all ages to gather and contribute to art in one way or the other. You can find painters, musicians, sculptors, and performers gathering here for events and, in general, to stay creative and contributive.

Lakeside Legacy Arts Park - 2021 Everything Need to know

The Lakeside Legacy Arts Park is located on the Dole Mansion property, the former home of Charles Dole. Charles Dole was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. After being passed through different owners in history, today, it has become a home for inspiring artists, exhibitions, and festivals. Siobhan Cottone, the Lakeside Legacy Foundation executive director, refers to the park as Crystal Lake’s hidden gem. The organization works to protect and polish the park to keep it an extraordinary place today.

The history of Lakeside Legacy Arts Park

Dole built a three-story building near the lake in the 1860s to set up an office for his business. It was also his home where he stayed with his wife, three children, and mother-in-law. Dole loved to showcase his property and dubbed it Lakeland Farm. He even went forward to build a spur line towards his home, all the way from Chicago. He created a beautiful walkway with a canopy from the railway station to his park so that his guests could walk to the events he hosted without worrying about the weather. Dole lived in the mansion for three decades and then sold the property to his son-in-law for $1. His son-in-law used the property for his ice harvesting business.

After years, in 2002, the Crystal Lake Jaycees and neighbors decided to raise funds to create a buying amount for the mansion and preserve it for arts. The community contributed $1 million to purchase the property under the new Lakeside Legacy Arts Park Foundation. The mission of the park today is to restore the Dole Mansion and offer several arts programs for the community.

Lakeside Legacy Arts Park - 2021 Everything Need to know

More about the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park

The staff and the volunteers together are changing a number of things for the Arts Park. They are trying to provide more facilities and create awareness about the park’s history. The Lakeside Legacy has many running campaigns to rebrand the entire park. The artists gather to contribute to the art and also improve the interiors of the mansion. It has become a treasure that is meant to be preserved. The Lakeside Legacy Arts Park is truly a unique facility with a range of historical, educational, and open-scape elements. Today the park welcomes local and international artists to come and contribute to the art.

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